Mediaeval Baebes

Hi Ladies,

Unable to make your performance in London last December, I missed out seeing a show at all last year, where as in previous years it was a major part of my build up to Christmas. I even timed a working visit back in the UK from Dubai to catch your concert in Peterborough in December 2013. I know those cathedrals are pretty cold in the depths of winter and the pews rock solid but seeing you ladies live always makes the sacrifice worth it. So can we expect a UK Christmas tour this year and if so how about a performance in Hampshire? I saw Handel's Messiah in Portsmouth Cathedral about three years ago. The acoustics were fine and the setting was more intimate than the usual long flat aisle.
Best Wishes

Mediaeval Baebes responded on 03/30/2015

We'll be touring the UK in Dec 2015. Hope to see you there. Love Emily x

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