Mediaeval Baebes

My dearest maidens of music and song I as a favor of you. I have been a fan for some years and have often sent E-mails inquiring about tour dates in the US, but to no avail I have yet to sit in an audience to witness firsthand your musical and vocal delights that put me in a trance when I listen to you by way of a CD. With that being said I know that my chances of bearing witness to such a wonderful concert will never take place because I know that I will never be able to travel to the UK. So please send a poster with autographs. Your attention to this matter will surely be appreciated. Thank you --- AJ

Mediaeval Baebes responded on 10/20/2017

My Lord you will be pleased to hear we shall travel to the new country in 2018 around September so look out for the dates (join the mailing list) and we will see you personally to sign your poster MB

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